Dental X-rays Shed A Light On Your Dental Health

Dr Joshua, your Naperville dentist uses dental x-rays to evaluate your dental health.  Unfortunately, a visual exam of the teeth and gums cannot tell the whole story.   With the use of dental x-rays, she can see changes inside your tooth, cracks in your teeth, pathology in your bone or gums and evidence of periodontal disease.

There are a variety of reasons for dental x-rays:

  • To complete a thorough diagnosis
  • To see under the gums and soft tissues in the mouth
  • To detect cavities & dental disease at the earliest stages
  • To see between the teeth & under existing fillings
  • To detect bone loss associated with periodontal disease
  • To see teeth that are partially or completely submerged below the gums
  • To ensure teeth are developing & erupting properly

Wondering how often you need dental x-rays?

The need for dental x-rays depends on your medical and dental history and current condition of your mouth. As a new patient, it is necessary that the dentist have a complete set of dental x-rays to establish a baseline to chart changes in your dental health. At minimum, we recommend bitewing x-rays every year and a full mouth set of x-rays or panorex every three years. Individual x-rays are taken if the patient has a dental emergency, needs a tooth removed, needs a root canal, crown or a bridge or has an abscess.

Digital X-rays are safe!

Dr Joshua uses digital x-rays that use the smallest amount of x-radiation possible.  A full mouth series of x-rays or a panorex x-ray delivers less radiation than spending a day in the sun.

If you have questions, please ask the doctor.  She will be happy to help.

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