We Welcome New Patients

Diehl Family Dental is now open to new patients. Dr. Ramya Joshua, Naperville dentist at Diehl Family Dental welcomes patients of all ages. We accept patients with and without insurance.

The office provides same day dentistry OR you can call us to set up a time that works for you.

Contact us to set up your new patient appointment. Once you have shared your email address with us, we will send you a link to allow you to complete your new patient forms online through a secure website.

What to bring:

  • Picture ID
  • Dental Insurance Card (if you have dental insurance)

Your first appointment:

Your first visit will last approximately 1.5 hours. During that appointment we will review your dental and medical history, take x-rays and evaluate your mout

The dental team at Diehl Family Dental will begin by discussing your medical, dental and patient registration data with you. You will receive a comprehensive dental exam, dental x-rays, a head and neck cancer screening, a periodontal evaluation and a baseline dental charting. You may receive a routine cleaning on your first appointment depending on your overall periodontal condition.

Dr Joshua will discuss the current state of your dental health and outline your treatment planning options to complete any dental work you may need or cosmetic dentistry you may want.

For our younger patients:

Children will receive a complete examination, have their teeth cleaned, fluoride applied, and any necessary radiographs taken. A major emphasis will be placed on teaching them how to brush their teeth including proper home care and diet.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about your first appointment or questions about your dental insurance, copayment, deductible, or covered services, please call us or email us.

Dental Services Offered By Our Naperville Dentist

Oral Hygiene

We provide oral hygiene instruction in brushing, flossing, tooth paste use, oral rinses and much more.

Teeth Whitening

We will whiten your teeth to the desired shade of brightness. We have several options to choose from.

Dentistry For Children

We love to see kids of any age.

Dental Implants

We restore dental implants at Diehl Family Dental. Ask the dentist if you are a candidate.


We offer simple tooth extractions and surgical tooth extractions. Ask the dentist which treatment is right for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restore your youthful appearance with cosmetic dentistry at Diehl Family Dental.